Bikram Yoga Posture 2

Half Moon

The second Bikram Yoga posture is half moon.

The half moon posture, alternating full body bending to the right and left with arms extened over the head, is a great way to start the active part of the Bikram yoga series. This pose really loosens up the spine, conveying the structural alignment benefits Bikram yoga is famous for - letting the body let go of its hang ups to line everything up and create space for your organs to function properly, with particularly strong benefits for the kidneys, liver and spleen.

This yoga posture creates a boost of energy while strengthening your core muscles and iincreasing flexibility in the ilio-tibial band where tightness is common. The trapezius and deltoid muscles also get stronger and more flexible the more times you do this yoga pose.

Like most poses that are found in the Bikram and Iyengar yoga methods, this posture also has structural alignment benefits.

Come join us for a Costa Rica yoga retreat in our beautiful moutainside studio in the jungle near the beach!

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