Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Manuel Antonio, located one hour south of our hotel in Jaco, is the first national park in Cosat Rica. Manuel Antonio is one of the most famous national parks in the world, known for its spectacular picture postcard white sand beaches, rocky headlands, and tropical jungle teeming with wildlife. You will be amazed how many monkeys, pizotes, sloths, birds, and other animals you will see. The two beaches nearest the entrance sometimes attract quite a few people but the third beach, a three mile walk from the entrance, is often deserted. The park is about one hour south of Jaco. Please note, the park is closed Mondays.

You can drive down with your own rental vehicle and pay only the park entrance fee. You might want to hire a guide who can help you spot the more elusive birds and wildlife, set up a high power spotting scope for you to use, and tell you about the flora and fauna of Manuel Antonio. The hotel can also provide transportation and lunch for you at your request. Park Admission is $10. Transportation is $100 for up to four people. Lunch from the hotel is $10. Seeing all the incredible wildlife in the jungle bordering those postcard beaches - priceless !

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