Dominical Whale watching boat trip from Jaco hotel

Around the time of the full moon in August, the whales return to their breeding grounds just south of here, in Dominical Bay. Up to six species have been seen here in one day. Your driver will take you to Dominical, approximately one and a half hours away. Here, you'll find out where the whales are that particular day, and see them. Whale watching charters are also available here. At this time of year, at night look for the bio-luminescent plankton that the whales like to eat. This will be visible as a green glow when the waves break on shore. This colorful, night time natural light show can sometimes be seen here in Jaco. Have a drink at Malecon Beach Bar and look for the strange green light in the surf. Private transport to Dominical is approximately $200 for the day.

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