Jaco Costa Rica weather forecast

This page also contains general Jaco weather and climate information and a brief dicussion of seasons, rainfall and avearge temperatures.

DoceLunas has the most accurate Jaco Costa Rica weather forecast. It is based on the Weather Underground forecast for Puntarenas, which is about 50km to the north of Jaco. Weather Underground is a great site and has the most accurate forecast data for this region, but if you check the RSS feed on their Jaco forecast you will see it is actually the weather forecast for Chacarita, which is inland and far to the south. Temperatures in Chacarita are typically lower than temperatures in Puntarenas and Jaco and rainfall is typically quite a bit higher.

Current Jaco Costa Rica Weather Forecast Sunday, Jan 21st

tions : 77.5F, : Temperature: 77.5°F | Humidity: 34% | Pressure: 32.48in (Steady) | Conditions: | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 0.0mph
Sunday : Clear. High:92 ° F.
Sunday Night : Clear. Low:76 ° F.
Sunday : Clear. High:92 ° F.
Monday Night : Clear. Low:77 ° F.

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We also provide general information on Jaco weather and climate in Jaco Costa Rica. To find out more about seasons, average rainfall, high temperatures and low temperatures, humidity and more useful Jaco weather facts for travel planning, please visit our Jaco Costa Rica weather page for detailed weather information or read on below for a summary.

Jaco weather in brief

The climate or local weather in Jaco Costa Rica is tropical, with a rainy season weather conditions in North American summer, which Costa Ricans call winter weather, and dry season weather in North American winter, which Costa Ricans call summer weather.

Temperatures can reach the mid 90's in downtown Jaco in December through March. The valley cools off quickly when you leave the downtown/beach area. Temperatures at the base of the mountains a mile from downtown can be as much as 10 degrees cooler. Under a tropical sun, the shade of the mountains and the trees make more noticeable difference than they would in a temperate climate.

In the green season, May-October, daytime highs are typically in the 80s or high 70s. In both seasons, overnight lows may dip into the high 60s.

Jaco Hotel DoceLunas has cooler weather

Downtown Jaco Costa Rica is more developed that the surrounding valley and the black sand beach, streets, parking lots, and buildings soak up the heat from the tropical sun. Daytime highs reach the mid 90s downtown because of the heat sink effect of development.

Jaco Hotel DoceLunas is one mile from the beach in the shade at the base of the largest mountain rising from the Jaco valley, Cerro Puntudo, towering over 1,000 feet above the hotel. The shade gives us our own Jaco weather.

It is much cooler here. At mid-day in dry season, it can be as much as ten degrees cooler here than in downtown Jaco even though we are only 100 feet higher. This is partly because of the mountain, partly because we have preserved the canopy throughout the hotel so the grounds are shady, dappled with sun rather than baked, and partly because we are surrounded by fields and jungle, not pavement. You will love it.

Remember Jaco gets hot - the mountain stays cool

Whatever the weather in Jaco Costa Rica, its always cooler in the shade at Jaco Costa Rica hotel DoceLunas. Find out more about our beautiful hotel in Jaco Costa Rica.




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December through April is the best season for weather for Costa Rica weddings. It is very unlikely to rain at all from January to March and December and April rain comes only around 1 in 4 days and it usually doesnt last long. No matter what, its always warm. While wedding parties mostly schedule in our dry season or May through August before the heavy rains come, some of our Costa Rica yoga retreats are scheduled during the rainiest part of the year. Our prices are somewhat lower and the warm torrential, windless downpours provide a powerful but relaxing display of the forces of nature that fits well with the contemplative nature of a yoga retreat.

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