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Costa Rica rejects GMO Corn

Costa Rica has, for the time being, denied an application by D&PL Seeds Ltd, A subsidiary of Monsanto, to plant GMO corn in Costa Rica pending further study. The National Biosafety Technical Commission requested further studies on the impacts of transgenic corn planting in Costa Rica in order to determine whether it would appropriate to approve such plantings. The permit was requested in November of 2012. The permit was to grow a small test crop on up to 2 hectares, or approximately four acres.

Farmers and environmental groups have expressed fears that the despite the small size of the crops requested, the GMO corn could modify the genes of local grains, enabling lawsuits by Monsanto for violation of patent ownership. In the United States, Monsanto has sued farmers for having GMO strains of soybeans growing on their property.

Eclipse, our restaurant here at DoceLunas, serves local farm fresh produce and tropical fruit accompanied by catch of the day fish and meat produced within a few hundred miles of the hotel. Come join us for a healthy and nutritious meal.

New Jaco restaurant near hotel DoceLunas

A new restaurant is opening in Jaco just down the road from DoceLunas.

La Luna Roja will be serving Italian fare starting this coming Friday. La Luna Roja restaurant is taking over the space formerly occupied by Paparazzi, just down the beach road from Platinum Gym and Soda Marea Alta. To celebrate their grand opening, this Friday the owners are offering free pizza and live music by Tampisco, a reggae band from Argentina.

Beers are only 1,000 colones.

Don’t miss this unbeatable bargain and a chance to celebrate the newest addition to Jaco’s list of culinary options.

New restaurant near Jaco hotels

This just in to the Jaco hotels blog: A new restaurant is opening in Jaco midway between the downtown hotels in Jaco and four star hotel DoceLunas. We are eager to try the new culinary offerings at La Luna Roja, located about one mile from DoceLunas and one mile from the hotels in the center of Jaco.

Rumor has it there will be a grand opening party on November 19th with 4seohunt.com/www/www.docelunas.com. live music.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on the new restaurant.

New Jaco hotel restaurant

Restaurant Eclipse at Jaco hotel DoceLunas will soon be welcoming a guest chef from a mysterious location – let’s call it “Planet X.” As much as we love our current chef and our ever changing menu, we are thrilled to welcome this versatile chef. One of her core menu concepts: all dishes come in a vegetarian version. Our current hotel chef will stay on as sous chef so don’t worry – the incredible handmade icecream with fresh tropical fruit from the hotel property will still be available.