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Costa Rica rejects GMO Corn

Costa Rica has, for the time being, denied an application by D&PL Seeds Ltd, A subsidiary of Monsanto, to plant GMO corn in Costa Rica pending further study. The National Biosafety Technical Commission requested further studies on the impacts of transgenic corn planting in Costa Rica in order to determine whether it would appropriate to approve such plantings. The permit was requested in November of 2012. The permit was to grow a small test crop on up to 2 hectares, or approximately four acres.

Farmers and environmental groups have expressed fears that the despite the small size of the crops requested, the GMO corn could modify the genes of local grains, enabling lawsuits by Monsanto for violation of patent ownership. In the United States, Monsanto has sued farmers for having GMO strains of soybeans growing on their property.

Eclipse, our restaurant here at DoceLunas, serves local farm fresh produce and tropical fruit accompanied by catch of the day fish and meat produced within a few hundred miles of the hotel. Come join us for a healthy and nutritious meal.

No shame in being a buoy

The lineup in Jaco Costa Rica can get pretty crowded on the weekends, but that doesn’t mea

n you will have a hard time getting waves; a lot of people are just floating out there like buoys. I have heard some other surfers refer to buoys with contempt, and it’s true that sometimes I wish there were a few less people do dodge, but

I think there is no shame in being a buoy.

Consider that a lot of surfers in Jaco are beginners and on the weekend, lots of people from San Jose who are just starting surfing and don’t get to practice every day are out there. They have paddled out to the lineup where they have a chance to catch a wave and where they can see up close what other surfers are doing and what works and what doesn’t. But they have enough sense to know they are not ready to charge in a crowd, so they are just sitting their floating and that’s fine by me. Better to be a buoy than a kook!

If you watch and wait, eventually you will find an opportunity where you are confident you can take off and get a good ride without endangering your fellow surfers. Pura Vida!

Jaco Roca Loca forecast from Magic Seaweed

The Magic Seaweed Forecast for Roca Loca focuses on the rocky headlands between Hermosa and Jaco where local semi secret spots Roca Loca and Perro Fino tempt the more daring surfers.

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Visit Jaco Costa Rica in 2012

Have you visited Costa Rica yet

? Columbus got here over 500 years ago. Don’t wait another year to discover paradise.

Come visit us at Jaco hotel DoceLunas, the top rated hotel in Jaco Costa Rica. The weather in Jaco is fantastic, especially during winter in North America our sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s beckon our friends from chilly northern climes. Check out this video by the ICT (Costa Rica Institute of Tourism) – the official government organization that has certified Jaco hotel DoceLunas as a four star hotel.

We hope to see you in Jaco in 2012!

Jaco hotel concert venues continued

We continue our tale of the first garden stage concert venue at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.

 Since the stage was so close to the ground and

security was discreetly positioned, the audience of 700 was able to get within feet of their heroes. This band that had practiced together only a few days, sounded like they had been together for years! They were enjoying themselves so much that they played 3 full sets, over 4 hours of music. Gordon and Murawski traded off singing duties, swapping Phish and Grateful Dead numbers. Interspersed in the mix were some Max Creek and traditional rock covers.

A huge flamboyant tree is the back drop for the Garden Stage. This tree is uplit for shows, and with the stage right in front has a very psychedelic, Dr. Suess look and feel. During the month of May, this flamboyant tree’s entire canopy is ablaze in bright orange flowers. Concert goers fill in the open spaces between the fruit trees and flowering shrubs. With the natural incline it’s perfect for concert viewing, a natural outdoor jungle theatre. There are enough clear areas for over two thousand to have good sight lines….. and a unique rainforest feel. It’s an amazing experience to take shelter from the intense tropical moonlight under the broad leaves of a banana tree, while watching an incredible concert. A rock concert in the jungle!
The outer hedgerow of the garden is ringed with beer and food options, lit by hanging Chinese lanterns. Mixed drinks can always be had at the long bar in the restaurant. For the convenience of our VIP ticket holders, the VIP area has a seated area and standing room up front, a private bar, and access to flush toilets. VIP guests are also invited to an afterparty in the conference center with the band.
Each concert venue at Hotel Docelunas is a unique and unforgettable space for see a show. Come to Docelunas Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica, for the finest live music on the Central Pacific Coast.

Two waves from Jaco hotel DoceLunas

Jaco hotel DoceLunas presents a video of two waves shot on a gopro camera.

The original video is in full HD but we have rendered it in lower res and added a filter so that it will load fast on the internet. Come visit us at our lovely hotel in Jaco and be the star of your own surf movie!

You can see more about our Jaco hotel here.

New Jaco restaurant near hotel DoceLunas

A new restaurant is opening in Jaco just down the road from DoceLunas.

La Luna Roja will be serving Italian fare starting this coming Friday. La Luna Roja restaurant is taking over the space formerly occupied by Paparazzi, just down the beach road from Platinum Gym and Soda Marea Alta. To celebrate their grand opening, this Friday the owners are offering free pizza and live music by Tampisco, a reggae band from Argentina.

Beers are only 1,000 colones.

Don’t miss this unbeatable bargain and a chance to celebrate the newest addition to Jaco’s list of culinary options.

End of Jaco rainy season at hotel DoceLunas

Well November is well underway which means the green season is ending.

From May to September, the green season is pretty aptly named – everything is thriving and the plants practically vibrate with color under a sometimes blue sky punctuated by occaisonal downpours. But by l ate October, the green se

ason starts to look a little more like what people outside the tourism business call it – the rainy season. Fortunately, by that time the dry season is just around the corner. And true to form, the rains of October stopped today. Soon we will be looking forward to 4 months with about two days of rain. Sunny skies for your vacation are on the way! Meanwhile, I took some photos around the property this morning.

Take a look at the orchids in front of the VIP suites.

Orchid at Jaco hotel
Plants at Jaco hotel
Flower at Jaco hotel
Orchids at Jaco hotel
Flowers at Jaco hotel

Jaco hotels halloween show with Midnite Spaghetti

Stay tuned to this Jaco hotel for more news and a free ticket giveaway for our upcoming Halloween Costume Party Funkathon with the unbelieveably live and unrelentingly groovy Midnite Spaghetti from Harrisonburg Virginia.

This live music event in Jaco will be held under the Palenque at restaurant Eclipse. Don’t miss it!

You can also check out our facebook page for ticket giveaway info.

If you are among the many fans traveling from the united states to see midnite spaghetti, you may want to check out our page on Jaco hotels.