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2pm 2day – Ryan Montbleau streaming live

Jungle Jam regular Ryan Montbleau and his band will be playing today at Bosch studio back in the states. You can hear the show streaming live at 2pm this afternoon. Check out the Ryan Montbleau live stream at radio 929. When you get to the page, there is a small white box with a play button in the top middle. Click there to hear the live show, be blown away, and then come join us in paradise for Jungle Jam on January 18-20th in the spectacular tropical jungle gardens of the best hotel in Jaco, DoceLunas.

Jaco hotel concert venues continued

We continue our tale of the first garden stage concert venue at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.

 Since the stage was so close to the ground and

security was discreetly positioned, the audience of 700 was able to get within feet of their heroes. This band that had practiced together only a few days, sounded like they had been together for years! They were enjoying themselves so much that they played 3 full sets, over 4 hours of music. Gordon and Murawski traded off singing duties, swapping Phish and Grateful Dead numbers. Interspersed in the mix were some Max Creek and traditional rock covers.

A huge flamboyant tree is the back drop for the Garden Stage. This tree is uplit for shows, and with the stage right in front has a very psychedelic, Dr. Suess look and feel. During the month of May, this flamboyant tree’s entire canopy is ablaze in bright orange flowers. Concert goers fill in the open spaces between the fruit trees and flowering shrubs. With the natural incline it’s perfect for concert viewing, a natural outdoor jungle theatre. There are enough clear areas for over two thousand to have good sight lines….. and a unique rainforest feel. It’s an amazing experience to take shelter from the intense tropical moonlight under the broad leaves of a banana tree, while watching an incredible concert. A rock concert in the jungle!
The outer hedgerow of the garden is ringed with beer and food options, lit by hanging Chinese lanterns. Mixed drinks can always be had at the long bar in the restaurant. For the convenience of our VIP ticket holders, the VIP area has a seated area and standing room up front, a private bar, and access to flush toilets. VIP guests are also invited to an afterparty in the conference center with the band.
Each concert venue at Hotel Docelunas is a unique and unforgettable space for see a show. Come to Docelunas Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica, for the finest live music on the Central Pacific Coast.

New Years Eve 2011 – Welcome New Jaco Blogger

We welcome a new blogger to our website.

According to our Jaco Nightlife Maven, New Years

Eve at the Monkey Bar went on far past the usual hour and owner Kenny was still dancing on the bar and pouring upside margaritas at five in the morning. At around five am the VIP section, where DoceLunas guests can often be found hanging out with the owner, started to drift towards Vibes to await the dawn of a New Year.

Check out our New Years Eve 2012 plans at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.