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Jaco hotels point of view camera

Jaco hotels point of view camera is made by gopro.

This handy POV camera is available to guests of the hotel by advance arrangement. Jaco hotel DoceLuna offers both regular defintion and high definition gopro models.

To mount them to your board,

you will need either and permanent adhesive mount for a low profile quick release mount that you can bring with you from the U.S. or you will need to put a center fin FCS female plug in the top of your board. We also have a chest harness and a helmet strap for vented helemts and a bicycle mount. Here is a cool shot of a longboard in the lip of a wave, rotated so the horizon is flat.

Surf photo with gopro POV camera from Jaco hotel DoceLunas

Jaco hotels for Max Creek

Jaco hotels for Max Creek fans should be easy enough to book, but DoceLunas, the hotel where the concert will take place, is holding all rooms for band members, organizers and VIPS.

Check with us soon if you’d like to stay the week before or after the concerts on Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd of January. If you are planning to visit Jaco for the Max Creek shows are are looking for accommodations near DoceLunas, the closer it gets to high season, the more likely it is the best hotels in every price range will be booked.

You might want to try our handy guide, which includes the only accurate map (created by us, on the ground in Jaco) of Jaco hotels. And of course, Tripadvisor is always a handy resource for Jaco hotel listings.

Trees at Jaco hotel DoceLunas

Coming soon to the Jaco hotel blog, a complete list of the many species

of trees represented on our five acres of landscaped grounds, to be compiled by resident arborist Emilio with the help of the Jaco hotel bloggers. We challenge any of the other 40 or so Jaco hotels to come up with a list even 1/5th as long. DoceLunas stands alone in our efforts to preserve and showcase the biodiversity of the Central Pacific transition zone, featuring both dry tropical forest species and rain forest species.

New restaurant near Jaco hotels

This just in to the Jaco hotels blog: A new restaurant is opening in Jaco midway between the downtown hotels in Jaco and four star hotel DoceLunas. We are eager to try the new culinary offerings at La Luna Roja, located about one mile from DoceLunas and one mile from the hotels in the center of Jaco.

Rumor has it there will be a grand opening party on November 19th with 4seohunt.com/www/www.docelunas.com. live music.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on the new restaurant.

Jaco hotels halloween show with Midnite Spaghetti

Stay tuned to this Jaco hotel for more news and a free ticket giveaway for our upcoming Halloween Costume Party Funkathon with the unbelieveably live and unrelentingly groovy Midnite Spaghetti from Harrisonburg Virginia.

This live music event in Jaco will be held under the Palenque at restaurant Eclipse. Don’t miss it!

You can also check out our facebook page for ticket giveaway info.

If you are among the many fans traveling from the united states to see midnite spaghetti, you may want to check out our page on Jaco hotels.

Cell phones in Jaco hotel

Jaco hotel DoceLunas sometimes has cell phones available for guest use. Ple ase cont

act us if you require a cell phone and we will let you know about current cell phone rental availability. Our hotel cell phone rental rate are very reasonable.

When you travel to Costa Rica, be sure to let your cell phone provider you will be leaving the country. If you don’t, even if you turn off your cell phone, you may come home to find your cell phone provider has charged you immense roaming charges, even if your cell phone was off !

If you are looking for a hotel in Jaco, we suggest you choose DoceLunas. You can check out this list and interactive map if you want fo check out some other
Jaco hotels first. We are guessing most of the other lodging options in Jaco do not offer cell phones.

Booking Jaco Hotels Online

This entry is about booking hotels in Jaco and elsewhere, and specifically about our new booking system for Jaco hotel DoceLunas, but there is so much other stuff to blog about that I will be getting to soon, like surf forecasting and mountain biking and new canopy tours with special features that are very literally and undeniably exciting. So stay tuned for excitement, and read on for a brief discussion of how Hotel DoceLunas is fighting to make the world a better place to travel.

Your correspondendent has been overwhelmed. We are upgrading our online booking system at Hotel DoceLunas and we are confident our returning guests will like the improvements in

the new system. Brining me to my Andy Rooney question:

Don’t you just hate those booking systems where if you look for a week long stay in a certain room and its available except for one day in the middle, the only way to find that out is to look for one day at a time? Many people don’t even realize that they could have all but one of the requested days and switch to a different type of room for one day.

That seems to be the most common type of booking engine. Many of them even incorrectly say “No rooms available” instead of “rooms may be available, but are not available for all of the dates requested, so if you really want to stay here, you are going to have to search one day, one room at a time”.

How about a system where: not only do you find out there are rooms available for all but one day, you find out what other alternative room choices are available that day? Do you think computers can do that? Hmm.

Well, we are getting a brand new system and guess what…

Like every other system we looked at, it does not do that. But we have put in an upgrade request to the company and we hope within a year or so, not only Hotel DoceLunas, but 1,000s of other hotels on the system will be able to tell travelers what rooms are available when.

Jaco hotel DoceLunas is a hotel, not a software vendor, but we are on a quest for excellence and we are taking our partners with us or finding new partners.

We hope within the year we will be reporting to you that our new software vendor partner is pursuing excellence and making your travel planning easier by showing you partial availability and suggesting alternative available rooms when some but not all your request can be filled. Not just at DoceLunas, but at over 1,000 other websites!

In the meantime, if you have a multi-day or multi-room request that can’t be filled with a single request because of partial availability, feel free to check by days yourself if you want, but we will be happy to do it for you – just send us an email or give us a call !