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Quarantid Meteor Shower tonight

The 2013 Quadrantid meteor shower peaks tonight, beginning around midnight and continuing into the wee hours of the morning of January 3rd. You might start to see meteors at midnight, but you will see the most meteors between 3 a.m. and dawn. Try to find a dark spot where there is not a lot of ambient light and look straight up into the sky. Meteors may appear at a rate as high as 120 an hour, but with a little moonlight you won’t be able to see them all. Enjoy the show. Pura Vida.

View the Gemenid Meteor Shower Dec 13 and 14

The Gemeind Meteor Shower, first witnessed in the late 1800s, is due to be visible soon, with the best viewing hours being around 2am on December 13 and 14th. There will be very little moonlight, so it will be an excellent year to view the Gemenids. Lay back and look up, preferrably somewhere where there is not too much light – we will be turning out the lights on the grounds at Jaco hotel DoceLunas – and prepare to see about 2 meteors a minute.

The Geminids are the debri of 3200 Phaethon, a comet that melted passing too close to the sun. When they hit the atmosphere (or the atmosphere hits them you might say, depending on your frame of motion) they burn up.

Costa Rica rejects GMO Corn

Costa Rica has, for the time being, denied an application by D&PL Seeds Ltd, A subsidiary of Monsanto, to plant GMO corn in Costa Rica pending further study. The National Biosafety Technical Commission requested further studies on the impacts of transgenic corn planting in Costa Rica in order to determine whether it would appropriate to approve such plantings. The permit was requested in November of 2012. The permit was to grow a small test crop on up to 2 hectares, or approximately four acres.

Farmers and environmental groups have expressed fears that the despite the small size of the crops requested, the GMO corn could modify the genes of local grains, enabling lawsuits by Monsanto for violation of patent ownership. In the United States, Monsanto has sued farmers for having GMO strains of soybeans growing on their property.

Eclipse, our restaurant here at DoceLunas, serves local farm fresh produce and tropical fruit accompanied by catch of the day fish and meat produced within a few hundred miles of the hotel. Come join us for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Costa Rica – 64 years with no army!

Other than Vatican City, Andorra, Lichtenstein, and Monaco, Costa Rica and Panama are the only countries that are not islands that have no military.

On December 1st, 1948, Costa Rican president José Figueres Ferrer abolished the country’s military. The year after, the legislature and the president ratified amendment 12 to the constitution, permanently abolishing the military. The armed forces’ budget was then redirected to the police force, education, environmental protection and cultural preservation. For 64 years, the country has stood steadfast in keeping their military spending to 0% of their budget, and their gamble on regional stability paid off. Some might say it was supported by the “Pax Americana” – others might say that’s an ironic name given the wars involving the US in neighboring Panama and Nicaragua.

Neighboring Panama got rid of its army in 1990 and confirmed the decision by unanimous vote for constitutional change. They have some quasi military forces remaining.

While Costa Rica does not have a standing military, there are around 10,000 police officers and the civil guard of around 5,000 for a popluation of 4.5 million people. For comparisoin, in the United States, there are around 800,000 police for a population of 400 million.

Presale tickets for Jungle Jam

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jaco hotel DoceLunas will be hosting Jungle Jam with Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead, Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers, Max Creek, Ryan Montbleau band and Zach Deputy. The show takes place under the fire tree in our five acres of landscaped jungle gardens.

Official showtime is TBA but we are expecting around nine o clock doors. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Presale tickets are now available a the front desk at DoceLunas daily until 6pm. Prices are $25 for one night presale, $30 for one night at the gate, $65 for three nights. Join us for an incredible show at award winning Jaco hotel DoceLunas.

Kreutzmann Set list from 2011 Jaco hotel Concert

Here are the songs Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead played with Max Creek at the last Jungle Jam in January 2011 at Jaco hotel DoceLunas, Jaco Costa Rica.

We are stoked he is coming back February 17th-19th 2012 with Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers, Max Creek and two excellent openers.

This is the 2011 set list for songs Bill where played with Max Creek.

Thursday (set 2):
Franklin’s Tower
Don’t Do it
Blood Red Roses
You Let Me Down Again

Friday: (set 2)
Eyes Of The World
Cruel World
Ramble On Rose
Estimated Prophet
Turn On Your Lovelight
China Cat Sunflower

Saturday (set 2)
Yellow Moon
The Other One
Chains Of Life
Bird Song
Late In The Evening
Deep Elem Blues
You’re The Only One
Just A Rose

Come join us for Jungle Jam 2012 February 17-19th at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.

Jaco hotel DoceLunas presents Bill Kreutzmann, Max Creek, more

Here at Jaco hotel DoceLunas we are getting stoked for the upcoming Jungle Jam featuring Bill Kretuzmann of the Grateful Dead – the most watched drummer in the history of the world with over 2,000 shows in front of 10s and 100s of thousands! – 40 year veterans Max Creek, Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers, no stranger to crowds himself, and opening acts Zach Deputy and the Ryan Montbleau Band. And giant puppets.

In a jungle garden. This is a show like no other.

Join us in paradise at Jaco hotel DoceLunas February 17-20th 2012. That’s just two weeks away! Meanwhile, here’s a video of Max Creek and Bill Kreutzmann playing Deep Elm Blues at the last Jungle Jam:

Watch Jaco area local Carlos Munoz Surf Live at Pipeline Pro

Local surfer Carlos Munoz earned himself an invitation to the Volcom Pipeline Pro this year. He will be surfing at about 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, 4:40 PM Jaco Costa Rica time tonight.

You can watch the watch Jaco local Carlos Munoz surf in the Pipeline Pro live here. Check it out!

Go Carlos!