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Jaco Costa Rica travel information and musings about Jaco and vacationing in Costa Rica.

Karma Tribe Jaco beach cleanup

people cleaning up beach
Karma Tribe beach cleanup in Jaco Costa Rica

Our friend Dave Grillot came to Jungle Jam 2016 to promote a great new project he started called, a website for free exchange of gifts of services and goods. You can register for free and post a favor you are willing to do, or ask for a favor for something you need help with, for instance, language lessons. Karma Tribe is also organizing a recurring beach cleanup here in Jaco. Check it out! Join the group and enjoy the beach, get some exercise, meet people and do a little to make the world a better place.  Jaco already has a Blue Flag Ecological Beach Award, but it can always be a little cleaner. Karma Tribe Jaco Beach Cleanup Facebook Group Page

DIY Smartphone Hologram

Make your own DIY smartphone hologram! Follow the instructions in the video below to make a small four sided semi-transparent plexiglass pyramid. Set it on your phone and play a video, such as the one in the link, designed for projecting the hologram – it will split the image into four views that will reflect on each face of the pyramid. When you look from the right angle with the right amount of ambient light, you will see a holographic image that appears to float within the pyramid! Cool huh? Here are the instructions for making the holgram reflector, and here is a video to play on your smartphone to see some holographic image. Thanks to Jaco local Shelby for hipping us to this cool trick.

Restaurant Eclipse Dinner Menu

Please join us for dinner at  Jaco restaurant Eclipse at hotel DoceLunas.
Here at Eclipse Restaurant we only use locally grown fruits and vegetables, and the freshest meats and seafoods sourced from family farms and businesses. Try one of our CR specialties for a taste of local cuisine done with Eclipse flair by Chef Maria.
Pura vida and Enjoy!!!
All prices include 13% tax and 10% service by Costa Rican law
Soups and Salads-
Docelunas House Salad-$7.00
Docelunas Chopped Salad-piled high, fresh and delicious-$9.00
Soup of the Day-ask your server-$6.50
Azteca Soup-tomato based soup with shredded chicken,avocado,mozzarella, and crunchy tortilla chips-$7.50
Patacones- A Costa Rican staple. Fried “chips” of mashed green plantains, served with guacamole and pico de gallo-$5.00
Ceviche- Freshly caught dorado(mahi mahi) naturally “cooked” in lime juice and served with tortilla chips-$9.00
Enyucados- A Costa Rican favourite made with crushed cassava root(yucca) and filled with pork and sausage-$7.50
Tuna Tartare Tower- fresh tuna and local avocado piled high-$10.00
Empanadas- Columbian style. Your choice of beef or chicken-$4.00
Costa Rican Specialties- Simple, healthy and delicious….Pura Vida
Arroz con Pollo- Rice with chicken. A Costa Rican traditional dish of lightly seasoned rice and tender chunks of chicken breast. Served with a small salad-$12.50
Casado- Costa Rica’s most popular dish. Your choice of chicken, beef, or fish, served with rice, beans, fried plantains, tortillas, and a small salad-$14.00
Chifrijo- Red beans, rice, pico de gallo, avocado, chicarrones(fried pork) and tortilla chips-$11.00
Gallo Pinto- Costa Rican style rice and beans-$9.00
Other Options- All dishes(except pasta) are accompanied by steamed local vegetables, and your choice of rice, patacones, or potatoes(mashed, baked, or french fried).
Chef Maria’s Grilled Chicken- Chicken breast on the grill with your choice of BBQ, white wine, or mustard sauce-$19.00
Tuna Steak- Seared and served rare(unless requested otherwise) with wasabi and soy-$20.00
Beef Tenderloin- with a mushroom and red wine reduction-$22.50
                            – with Bearnaise sauce-$22.50
Pasta Bolongese- traditional preparation- $15.00
Pasta Primavera- only local produce goes into Maria’s vegetarian delight-$12.50
Pork Loin- grilled and served with chimichurri-$20.00
Desserts- we rotate our homemade desserts. Ask your server
Chocolate or Strawberry Mousse-$6.50
Brownie Cheesecake-$7.50
Homemade Docelunas Ice Creams and Sorbets-$5.00 Many are made with the fruit grown here at Docelunas
Cheesecake with fruit topping-$7.00
Guanabana Mousse-$8.00


Restaurant Eclipse Breakfast Menu

Join us for a delicious breakfast at the open air Eclipse restaurant at Jaco hotel DoceLunas. Hotel guests get a free continental breakfast, and you can also order the following menu items.

Tico Breakfast-

2 eggs any style, gallo pinto(Costa Rican rice and beans),tortillas, plantains and sour cream, choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$8.00
American Breakfast-
2 egga any style,choice of bacon, ham, or small fruit plate,homefries, choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$9.00
Surfer’s Breakfast-
fruit plate with granola and yogurt-$6.50
Pancake Breakfast-
3 pancakes stacked high, your choice of bacon, ham, or small fruit plate, choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$8.50
3 eggs with your choice of 3:onions,peppers,ham,cheese,bacon,or mushrooms. Served with homefries and coffee, tea, or juice-$9.50
Belgian Waffle-
with fruit preserves and choice of bacon, ham, or small fruit plate-$7.50
Breakfast Burrito-
2 scrambled eggs with cheese,onions, peppers,and mushrooms in a warm flour tortilla. Served with homefries and your choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$8.50
French Toast-
flavoured with cinnamon and served with choice of bacon,ham, or small fruit plate-$7.00
One egg-$1.00
Gallo Pinto-$2.50
Small fresh fruit plate-$3.00
Belgian Waffle-$4.00

Jaco Costa Rica FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jaco, Costa Rica.

Q: How far is Jaco from the Airport?

A: It takes about 1 hour and fifteen minutes to drive via the new Autopista Del Sol Highway from SJO – Juan Santamaria Airport in Alajuela near San Jose to Jaco. Here is a map of the route from SJO Airport to Jaco.

Q: What is the temperature like in Jaco?

A: Daytime highs range from the low to the high 80s, with the warmest weather from January to April. Overnight lows on very rare occasions dip to the high 60s but are typically in the 70s.

Q: Does it rain a lot in Jaco?

A: In September and October, the height of the rainy season, it can rain hard for several says. From January to April, it hardly rains at all in Jaco, but central Pacific Costa Rica remains green. May, June, July, and August along with November and December there are occasional rain showers that may last a few hours, but most days are clear or partly cloudy with no rain. We have lots more information on Jaco, Costa Rica weather and climate here and the most accurate current weather forecast for Jaco here.

Q: What is there to do in Jaco?

A: Ummm… Everything? Jaco is famous for its surfing and nightlife but there are also lots of other activities and adventures to have here in The Gateway to the Central Pacific; click below for more details.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Off-shore Deep Sea Fishing


Near shore fishing

Whitewater Rafting

Tortuga Island Boat Ride and Snorkeling

Whale Watching 

Zip Line Canopy Tour

Canopy Tram

Sea Kayak or Outrigger Canoe Trips

Surf and rivermouth fishing

Carara National Park

Horseback Riding

Surf Lessons on Jaco Beach

Crocodile Tour


Turtle Egg Laying and Hatching

Yoga Classes

Jaco Hotel DoceLunas exclusive Waterfall Tour

Mt Biking – beginner to expert

Scuba Diving

As you can see, there are quite a few fun things to do around Jaco!

Q: Is Jaco a good place for a wedding or a honeymoon?

A: Definitely! As you can see  above, there is a huge range of activities so wedding guests or honeymooners can enjoy a wide variety of tropical adventures for all ages and interests. And you are already familiar with the ideal wedding venue – hotel DoceLunas. Check out our affordable Costa Rica wedding package prices here.

DoceLunas wins Fodor’s Choice 2015

Fodor’s, the leading name in travel information, today announced that Jaco Hotel DoceLunas has been recognized as the 2015 Fodor’s Choice selection for Jaco. This distinction designates DoceLunas as a leader in its field for service, quality, and value in the 2015 year.


Every year, Fodor’s writers experience, examine and evaluate thousands of hotels, restaurants and attractions in their travels across the globe. While every business included in a Fodor’s guide is deemed worth a traveler’s time, only those offering a truly remarkable experience are given the Fodor’s Choice designation.

As a 2015 Fodor’s Choice property DoceLunas will receive special recognition in the next Fodor’s guidebook to this area and on the Fodors website.

As always, we are honored to receive this annual award and we were especially pleased by the notice the staff received, along with the comment on our unique pool.

“This property has by far the nicest swimming pool in Jacó, not to mention an amazing staff.”

Thanks Fodors ! And may we add, as the Fordor’s award winner in Costa Rica’s gateway to the Central Pacific, Jaco Hotel DoceLunas offers an ideal Costa Rica wedding venue and it’s  a great spot for a romantic and private honeymoon in Costa Rica.

ps.. We have also won a couple other awards over the years —

Traveler’s Choice Awards from TripAdvisor
2011 Top Twenty Five Best Hotels in Central America
2012 Top Five BestHotels and Spas for Relaxation in Central America
2012 Top Twenty Four Best hotels for Budget in Central American
2012 Number Eleven Best Hotel Overall in Central America
2013 Number Eight Best Small Hotel in Costa Rica
2009-2014 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence
2007 Fromer’s Guide Editor’s Choice
2007 Fodor’s Guide Editor’s Choice
2007 Lonely Planet Pick
2013 Huffington Post World’s Best Affordable Destination Spas – Number Five
Thanks to the editors of Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, and our guests who reviewed us on Tripadvisor!

Quarantid Meteor Shower tonight

The 2013 Quadrantid meteor shower peaks tonight, beginning around midnight and continuing into the wee hours of the morning of January 3rd. You might start to see meteors at midnight, but you will see the most meteors between 3 a.m. and dawn. Try to find a dark spot where there is not a lot of ambient light and look straight up into the sky. Meteors may appear at a rate as high as 120 an hour, but with a little moonlight you won’t be able to see them all. Enjoy the show. Pura Vida.

View the Gemenid Meteor Shower Dec 13 and 14

The Gemeind Meteor Shower, first witnessed in the late 1800s, is due to be visible soon, with the best viewing hours being around 2am on December 13 and 14th. There will be very little moonlight, so it will be an excellent year to view the Gemenids. Lay back and look up, preferrably somewhere where there is not too much light – we will be turning out the lights on the grounds at Jaco hotel DoceLunas – and prepare to see about 2 meteors a minute.

The Geminids are the debri of 3200 Phaethon, a comet that melted passing too close to the sun. When they hit the atmosphere (or the atmosphere hits them you might say, depending on your frame of motion) they burn up.

Costa Rica rejects GMO Corn

Costa Rica has, for the time being, denied an application by D&PL Seeds Ltd, A subsidiary of Monsanto, to plant GMO corn in Costa Rica pending further study. The National Biosafety Technical Commission requested further studies on the impacts of transgenic corn planting in Costa Rica in order to determine whether it would appropriate to approve such plantings. The permit was requested in November of 2012. The permit was to grow a small test crop on up to 2 hectares, or approximately four acres.

Farmers and environmental groups have expressed fears that the despite the small size of the crops requested, the GMO corn could modify the genes of local grains, enabling lawsuits by Monsanto for violation of patent ownership. In the United States, Monsanto has sued farmers for having GMO strains of soybeans growing on their property.

Eclipse, our restaurant here at DoceLunas, serves local farm fresh produce and tropical fruit accompanied by catch of the day fish and meat produced within a few hundred miles of the hotel. Come join us for a healthy and nutritious meal.