Karma Tribe Jaco beach cleanup

people cleaning up beach
Karma Tribe beach cleanup in Jaco Costa Rica

Our friend Dave Grillot came to Jungle Jam 2016 to promote a great new project he started called www.karmatribe.com, a website for free exchange of gifts of services and goods. You can register for free and post a favor you are willing to do, or ask for a favor for something you need help with, for instance, language lessons. Karma Tribe is also organizing a recurring beach cleanup here in Jaco. Check it out! Join the group and enjoy the beach, get some exercise, meet people and do a little to make the world a better place.  Jaco already has a Blue Flag Ecological Beach Award, but it can always be a little cleaner. Karma Tribe Jaco Beach Cleanup Facebook Group Page

Live music in Jaco at Green Room Cafe

Our friends at Green Room Cafe a mile away from DoceLunas offer live music regularly. Here is the schedule for this week starting tonight, 8/27/2015.

Agenda de esta Semana/Line up for this week…..Viva La Musica!! We Love Live Music!!
Thu/Jue: De Cuerdas a Voces Dúo Intrumental 8pm!!
Fri/Vie: UnderCover Classic Rock Duo 9pm!!
Sat/Sab: Bomber Eyewear Costa Rica Reggae Fest Feauturing:RastaManuel aka RasManuel *****Toledo Again & ‪#‎Balaguero‬ and the‪#‎BomberGirls‬!!! 8pm!!!
Sun/Dom: Homel lewis Acuostic Rock & Reggae!!! 8pm!!!
Pura Vida!!!

Green Room is across from Mas Por Menos on the main drag in Jaco.

Rock on!


DIY Smartphone Hologram

Make your own DIY smartphone hologram! Follow the instructions in the video below to make a small four sided semi-transparent plexiglass pyramid. Set it on your phone and play a video, such as the one in the link, designed for projecting the hologram – it will split the image into four views that will reflect on each face of the pyramid. When you look from the right angle with the right amount of ambient light, you will see a holographic image that appears to float within the pyramid! Cool huh? Here are the instructions for making the holgram reflector, and here is a video to play on your smartphone to see some holographic image. Thanks to Jaco local Shelby for hipping us to this cool trick.

Restaurant Eclipse Dinner Menu

Please join us for dinner at  Jaco restaurant Eclipse at hotel DoceLunas.
Here at Eclipse Restaurant we only use locally grown fruits and vegetables, and the freshest meats and seafoods sourced from family farms and businesses. Try one of our CR specialties for a taste of local cuisine done with Eclipse flair by Chef Maria.
Pura vida and Enjoy!!!
All prices include 13% tax and 10% service by Costa Rican law
Soups and Salads-
Docelunas House Salad-$7.00
Docelunas Chopped Salad-piled high, fresh and delicious-$9.00
Soup of the Day-ask your server-$6.50
Azteca Soup-tomato based soup with shredded chicken,avocado,mozzarella, and crunchy tortilla chips-$7.50
Patacones- A Costa Rican staple. Fried “chips” of mashed green plantains, served with guacamole and pico de gallo-$5.00
Ceviche- Freshly caught dorado(mahi mahi) naturally “cooked” in lime juice and served with tortilla chips-$9.00
Enyucados- A Costa Rican favourite made with crushed cassava root(yucca) and filled with pork and sausage-$7.50
Tuna Tartare Tower- fresh tuna and local avocado piled high-$10.00
Empanadas- Columbian style. Your choice of beef or chicken-$4.00
Costa Rican Specialties- Simple, healthy and delicious….Pura Vida
Arroz con Pollo- Rice with chicken. A Costa Rican traditional dish of lightly seasoned rice and tender chunks of chicken breast. Served with a small salad-$12.50
Casado- Costa Rica’s most popular dish. Your choice of chicken, beef, or fish, served with rice, beans, fried plantains, tortillas, and a small salad-$14.00
Chifrijo- Red beans, rice, pico de gallo, avocado, chicarrones(fried pork) and tortilla chips-$11.00
Gallo Pinto- Costa Rican style rice and beans-$9.00
Other Options- All dishes(except pasta) are accompanied by steamed local vegetables, and your choice of rice, patacones, or potatoes(mashed, baked, or french fried).
Chef Maria’s Grilled Chicken- Chicken breast on the grill with your choice of BBQ, white wine, or mustard sauce-$19.00
Tuna Steak- Seared and served rare(unless requested otherwise) with wasabi and soy-$20.00
Beef Tenderloin- with a mushroom and red wine reduction-$22.50
                            – with Bearnaise sauce-$22.50
Pasta Bolongese- traditional preparation- $15.00
Pasta Primavera- only local produce goes into Maria’s vegetarian delight-$12.50
Pork Loin- grilled and served with chimichurri-$20.00
Desserts- we rotate our homemade desserts. Ask your server
Chocolate or Strawberry Mousse-$6.50
Brownie Cheesecake-$7.50
Homemade Docelunas Ice Creams and Sorbets-$5.00 Many are made with the fruit grown here at Docelunas
Cheesecake with fruit topping-$7.00
Guanabana Mousse-$8.00


Jaco Restaurant Eclipse Lunch menu

Please join us for a refreshing lunch at the open air Eclipse restaurant at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.

All prices include 13% tax and 10% tip by Costa Rican law.


Caesar Salad-$7.00
House Salad-$6.50
Soup of the Day(ask your server)-$6.50
Nachos Supreme-piled high with all the good stuff. A meal for one, plenty for two to share-$9.00
  Add Beef or Chicken-$2.50
Ceviche served with tortilla chips-$9.00
French Fries-$4.50
Costa Rican Favourites-
Arroz con Pollo-simple, chicken with rice-$11.00
Chifrijo-rice,beans,pico de gallo,tortilla chips, and chicarrones(fried pork) all in a bowl-$10.00
Casado-Costa Rica’s #1 dish. Your choice of beef, fish, or chicken-$12.50
Gallo Pinto-Costa Rican rice and beans-$7.50
American Favourites-
Tropical Wrap-this is everyone’s fav!!!
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork, with plantains,lettuce,onions,and our secret tropical sauce. Fresh and delicious-$10.00
Burgers- grass fed beef grilled with cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato,onions, and pickles. Served with fries or a small salad-$9.50
Big Chicken Burrito-grilled chicken breast, sauteed onions, rice, beans, and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla and covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella-$8.50
Fresh Fruit Lunch- plate of fresh tropical fruit and a fruit smoothie- Pura Vida- $8.00
Chicken or Fish Fingers-local chicken or freshly caught mahi, breaded and fried, served with fries-$9.00
NY Style thin crust Pizza-
Choice of:onions,peppers,mushrooms,capers,black olives,pineapple-$1.00 personal/$1.50 medium
Choice of:ham, pepperoni,anchovy,bacon_$1.50 personal/$2.00 medium
Desserts- we rotate our homemade desserts, ask your server about availability-
Brownie Cheesecake-$7.50
Docelunas Ice Cream-$5.00
Chocolate/Strawberry Mousse-$6.50
Guanabana Mousse-$8.00
Cheesecake with fruit topping-$6.50


Restaurant Eclipse Breakfast Menu

Join us for a delicious breakfast at the open air Eclipse restaurant at Jaco hotel DoceLunas. Hotel guests get a free continental breakfast, and you can also order the following menu items.

Tico Breakfast-

2 eggs any style, gallo pinto(Costa Rican rice and beans),tortillas, plantains and sour cream, choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$8.00
American Breakfast-
2 egga any style,choice of bacon, ham, or small fruit plate,homefries, choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$9.00
Surfer’s Breakfast-
fruit plate with granola and yogurt-$6.50
Pancake Breakfast-
3 pancakes stacked high, your choice of bacon, ham, or small fruit plate, choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$8.50
3 eggs with your choice of 3:onions,peppers,ham,cheese,bacon,or mushrooms. Served with homefries and coffee, tea, or juice-$9.50
Belgian Waffle-
with fruit preserves and choice of bacon, ham, or small fruit plate-$7.50
Breakfast Burrito-
2 scrambled eggs with cheese,onions, peppers,and mushrooms in a warm flour tortilla. Served with homefries and your choice of coffee, tea, or juice-$8.50
French Toast-
flavoured with cinnamon and served with choice of bacon,ham, or small fruit plate-$7.00
One egg-$1.00
Gallo Pinto-$2.50
Small fresh fruit plate-$3.00
Belgian Waffle-$4.00

Mosquito repellent – CDC says synthetic lemon eucalyptus effective.

Here at DoceLunas in Jaco, Costa Rica, we are on sloping well drained ground, but we still get a few mosquitoes. We are working on our own natural mosquito repellent mix using several botanicals. It is hard with a small sample size to be sure it works, but it seems to be somewhat effective to wear citronella or lemon eucalyptus.

While there is not a reliable study showing that the pure botanicals are effective, a recent US Center for Disease Control publication suggests that lemon eucalyptus may be, because CDC says synthetic lemon eucalyptus is effective.

From CDC:
Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or PMD (chemical name: para-menthane-3,8-diol), the synthesized version of OLE. Products containing OLE and PMD include, but are not limited to, Repel and Off! Botanicals. This recommendation refers to EPA-registered repellent products containing the active ingredient OLE (or PMD). “Pure” oil of lemon eucalyptus (essential oil not formulated as a repellent) is not recommended; it has not undergone similar, validated testing for safety and efficacy, is not registered with EPA as an insect repellent, and is not covered by this recommendation.

So there you have it, use Repel and Off Botanicals and you don’t have to use DEET anymore!

Here is a link to the CDC report:


Mystery image from Jaco hotel

Can you tell us what you are looking at in our mystery image taken at Jaco hotel DoceLunas?

an eye like image. what is it?
Mystery Image

Let us know and get a 30% discount off your stay valid through December 1st, 2015! Three hints: Hint 1 –  “No, I cannot tell you what that is.” may be a correct answer! Hint 2 – We will also accept incorrect answers -for instance “It is an alligator!” It is not. There are no alligators in Costa Rica, but if you come down, we will show you some crocodiles. Hint 3 – it is not a crocodile. THIS is a crocodile: crocodile near Jaco Costa Rica.

Local sourced chestnuts from the hotel gardens

We have preserved the canopy here at DoceLunas for its ecological value. Our sustainable approach to eco=tourism provides a lovley habitat and food for both wildlife and people. Birds and wildlife from the jungle covered mountain that borders the property come to visit our trees, some of which hang heavy with fruit and some of which bear edible nuts.


Here our bartender Shirley shows us a plate of roasted chestnuts in front of Costa Rican Chestnut Tree – Castanea Sativa that bears delicious sweet chestnuts that can be roasted and eaten. In England they are popular street food. In the U.S., they are used mostly for stuffing recipes around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we use them in our stuffing here too, but they are great in salads. DoceLunas home grown organic chestnuts are available by special request when in season at our local source restaurant, Eclipse.

We also have manzan de augua, which taste kind of like a tart cross between a pear and an apple,  guanabana, cas, star fruit, and mangoes -so many mangoes! The monkeys from the mountain love them. Once they are ripe, the monkeys come every day from 5 am to  around 7 am.

Our human guests enjoy the fruit from the trees on our property raw, in smoothies and fruit salads, and in home-made local source ice cream.

Come check us out! Whether you just want to relax in a serene natural environment, rest up between surfing or partying in Jaco, or want to hone your yoga practice, we’ve got the perfect spot.

Our commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability makes us a great choice for a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.


Come to Costa Rica and change your brain with Mantra Singing

Here at hotel DoceLunas in Jaco, Costa Rica we like to do yoga. We offer free classes for our guests twice a day most days of the week (yoga schedule varies so please confirm with info@docelunas.com for any particular day). Most of our yoga classes begin and end with the chanting of an ancient mantra, OM, or OM Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Scientists have recently discovered that singing as a group lowers stress and relieves anxiety. We still don’t “know” exactly why, although the ancient vedic tradition of yoga going back thousands of years posits that the vibrations create a sort of magical connection to the vibration of the universe.

That is a little hard to demonstrate with our current understanding, but we do know that physical reality is mostly empty space filled with fast moving particles that in themselves have wave like properties of vibration. (I think. Hey, i am no particle physicist.) But we do know this: when you sing as group, your body responds to the experience by producing more endorfins (that will make you feel euphoric) and more oxytocin (that will make you feel the literal power of love).

Here is an article from Time Magazine about the study: Time singing and stress article.

So make a plan to come down and join us for some relaxing time in paradise and sing a few OMs with us. While you are bringing your plan for a Costa Rica yoga vacation to fruition, you can set up a group OM chant in your own neighborhood.

Namaste, and Pura Vida

from hotel DoceLunas.

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