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Reviews of Jaco Hotel Docelunas from satisfied guests. We are ranked in the top two Jaco hotels on Tripadvisor. Over 70% of guests rate our Jaco Hotel Excellent on Tripadvisor.


We have been in a constant state of bliss since our return and our visit to Doce Lunas will forever be frozen in time. There are still residuals of happiness radiating within us even as we return to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.


Enjoy Four Star Hotel Excellence at Half the Price

It's a 5 star resort at half the price!!
--Brad Mendelsohn
[we are a four star resort, but we will take the compliment.]

They don't cut any corners to bring quality

The facilities are first rate for any part of the world but somewhat shocking in...Jaco.
--mattydevans (jaco)

I've stayed in several hotels around the world, and Doce Lunas is definitely among the top 5, not in price but in quality.

--karlito costa rica

Both of us travel extensively for our jobs and the hospitality provided to us within the first thirty minutes of our arrival had already exceeded a lifespan of hotel hospitality for the two of us combined.

Es el mejor hotel de playa jaco.
--scorpio blue san jose, cr

Docelunas is the center of the universe!
-on tripadvisor

Relax in our Jungle Gardens

When we drove into the resort compound we were overtaken by the sheer beauty. I felt like I was in an adult version of Charlie's chocolate factory. The landscaping was perfect! And the scent of fragrant flowers filled the air.

The best part of our nights were sitting outside with everyone and just enjoying the warm air and star filled sky.

The hotel is a tropical rainforest haven!
--liftqueue family with teens from anapolis

So many fragrant flowers and brightly colored birds of paradise surrounded us it was almost too much to take in at once: this is all for us?!
--brad mendelson

It's like being in well-kept forest or one big wild garden. It can't get any more Costa Rica than this.
--karlito costa rica

The grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

The afternoon overflight of scarlet macaws adds to the the real world experience.

Outstanding property, hillside, well manicured with special touches such as rare orchids and a variety of vegetation including edible fruits and the most colorful array of plants and animals. Eco-friendly doesn't sufficiently describe the closeness to nature you experience at Docelunas.

Let Our Guests Tell You About Our Rooms

The first thing that brought a smile to our face was the fact that at Doce Lunas you can drink the water directly from the tap.

I cannot say enough about the size of the room or the view of the incredible grounds outside. While in our room it felt we were in this paradise all by ourselves, with that view. Not a day passed that I didn't see butterflys and all kinds of birds on the grounds.

There were fresh little flowers on our towels and steps leading to shower each day.

My wife is a clean freak...and she was even surprised at how clean everything was....ALWAYS!!!


My travelling buddy and I commented several times about how it felt like we had our own private mansion in a Costa Rican paradise.

The room was sparklingly clean, spacious and full of luxurious touches (e.g., fluffy towels; super comfortable bed; fantastic stereo/mp3 player; fresh local flowers; and a fully stocked mini-bar).

The room was comfortable and clean and we had plenty of hot water.

The room was really a small duplex house with walls and high ceilings crafted of polished teak and ironwood with tile floors, a flat screen tv and a big bathroom. Very nice!
--brad m

The rooms are spacious with awesome bathrooms which huge tubs if you need a relaxing soak.

We could look out into the courtyard and see awesome vegetation and beautiful birds.


The rooms, ours and my sister's, were incredibly spacious and clean. We did not see any of the bugs/spider some other posters noted.

Come Enjoy our Hospitality and Excellent Staff

The staff was accomodating and bent over backwards to make my visit enjoyable.

Staff stole my heart with their smiles and services.
--anon. business trip

The staff was marvelous. Their great hospitality went well beyond the best concierge service I have ever experienced before or could ever conceive of. Offering advice and help that was so great and creative that this trip exceeded any normal tourist experience and felt like much more like an adventure of a life time, all the while deep in safe and comfortable first class accommodations.
--ted from portland

Brian at the desk was fantastic...went out of his way for us with no prompting on our part..
--phwagz family trip from new york

Try Our Delicious Food

My husband is a big foodie and to please him is difficult. Yet each meal was terrific. It was like having our own private chef!


All the meals served were exceptional.
--liftqueue family with teens from anapolis

I highly recommend their thatched roof open air bar and restaurant, it was small, quaint, and delicious.
--t from p

The staff learned I loved Soursop so they made sure when ever I entered the restaurant/bar a fresh drink was prepared from me.

Choose Vegetarian Food at Our Jaco Hotel

My wife and I are meat eaters but they easily accommodated her sisters' vegan wishes. With soo many tropical fruits and veggies locally grown she was impressed every day with the variety.
--brad m

Being a vegetarian, I frequently encounter challenges with meals when traveling, the Doce Lunas chefs created lots of delicious local fruit and vegetable dishes for me.

You will be amazed that a pool can make you say "WOW"!

The pool.......WOW! Waterfall, amazing mural on the bottom.

the pool is HUGE and there is a cave with a pounding waterfall where you can sit under and have the water massage your back.

Everybody Likes Chris, the Owner

Whenever we needed anything the staff- and sometimes even the property's owner, was happy to oblige. He is always making sure you have a good time day or night. I think he used to be a high-end celebrity party planner.
--brad m

Chris the owner was there and provided us with taxi numbers as well as an extensive personalized list of activities, restaurants, adventures and sceneries to explore. Keep in mind that this was a impromptu handwritten note that Chris wrote for us while talking with us at the bar to see what our interests were. Everything that he put on the list was right up our alley and he even included next to each description, what to bring (i.e towels, sunscreen, camera, change of clothes).

Feel safe, be safe

The sense of security at this hotel is outstanding.

Meet the Friendliest Locals in the Happiest Country

I've never been to a country of such modest means where everyone was soo happy wherever we ventured.

The first day we met other families by the beautiful pool. Everyone was friendly and relaxed. It felt like we were all one large group of friends having drinks and sharing information on local activities.

Walking around the town was amazing as everyone knew the owner and would shout Ola as we passed. By the end of our week there, many of the towns people recognized us as well and would call us by name.

We travel a lot and this was the fasted we have ever been welcomed into a community. Most hi-end resorts have staff who will remember one's name, but a town too! It was an Amazing experience.

There seemed to be a nice core of travellers there each night...with ideas of things to do and places to see.

Enjoy a Family Vacation

My young kids enjoyed exploring the property's awesome flora and fauna (iguanas, butterflies, tropical birds, and some very friendly cats) and the older kids enjoyed wifi in the rooms and surfing at the nearby beach (2 miles away, an easy cab ride) and the canopy zip line tour arranged through the hotel.
--liftqueue family with teens from anapolis

Pick our Convient but Serene Location

The hotel is kind of tucked into the hills and removed from the beach scene, which is a positive if having a mellower place to luxuriate is your preference. I was able to walk into Jaco in about 20 minutes or pay about $1 for a ride.


The cost to town is two dollars or a thousand colones. A round trip to explore and observe is very affordable. There is no problem finding a taxi at anytime day or night in town. Nice!

I recommend Docelunas highly - a quite, breathtaking retreat a mere $2 taxi ride from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jaco.

Enjoy our Classy Parties

Unlike some bar areas that throw the typical wild parties, Doce Lunas had a really fun yet relaxing party that wasn't crowded and above all it was classy.
--karlito costa rica

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