Restaurant Eclipse Dinner Menu

Please join us for dinner at  Jaco restaurant Eclipse at hotel DoceLunas.
Here at Eclipse Restaurant we only use locally grown fruits and vegetables, and the freshest meats and seafoods sourced from family farms and businesses. Try one of our CR specialties for a taste of local cuisine done with Eclipse flair by Chef Maria.
Pura vida and Enjoy!!!
All prices include 13% tax and 10% service by Costa Rican law
Soups and Salads-
Docelunas House Salad-$7.00
Docelunas Chopped Salad-piled high, fresh and delicious-$9.00
Soup of the Day-ask your server-$6.50
Azteca Soup-tomato based soup with shredded chicken,avocado,mozzarella, and crunchy tortilla chips-$7.50
Patacones- A Costa Rican staple. Fried “chips” of mashed green plantains, served with guacamole and pico de gallo-$5.00
Ceviche- Freshly caught dorado(mahi mahi) naturally “cooked” in lime juice and served with tortilla chips-$9.00
Enyucados- A Costa Rican favourite made with crushed cassava root(yucca) and filled with pork and sausage-$7.50
Tuna Tartare Tower- fresh tuna and local avocado piled high-$10.00
Empanadas- Columbian style. Your choice of beef or chicken-$4.00
Costa Rican Specialties- Simple, healthy and delicious….Pura Vida
Arroz con Pollo- Rice with chicken. A Costa Rican traditional dish of lightly seasoned rice and tender chunks of chicken breast. Served with a small salad-$12.50
Casado- Costa Rica’s most popular dish. Your choice of chicken, beef, or fish, served with rice, beans, fried plantains, tortillas, and a small salad-$14.00
Chifrijo- Red beans, rice, pico de gallo, avocado, chicarrones(fried pork) and tortilla chips-$11.00
Gallo Pinto- Costa Rican style rice and beans-$9.00
Other Options- All dishes(except pasta) are accompanied by steamed local vegetables, and your choice of rice, patacones, or potatoes(mashed, baked, or french fried).
Chef Maria’s Grilled Chicken- Chicken breast on the grill with your choice of BBQ, white wine, or mustard sauce-$19.00
Tuna Steak- Seared and served rare(unless requested otherwise) with wasabi and soy-$20.00
Beef Tenderloin- with a mushroom and red wine reduction-$22.50
                            – with Bearnaise sauce-$22.50
Pasta Bolongese- traditional preparation- $15.00
Pasta Primavera- only local produce goes into Maria’s vegetarian delight-$12.50
Pork Loin- grilled and served with chimichurri-$20.00
Desserts- we rotate our homemade desserts. Ask your server
Chocolate or Strawberry Mousse-$6.50
Brownie Cheesecake-$7.50
Homemade Docelunas Ice Creams and Sorbets-$5.00 Many are made with the fruit grown here at Docelunas
Cheesecake with fruit topping-$7.00
Guanabana Mousse-$8.00