Jaco Restaurant Eclipse Lunch menu

Please join us for a refreshing lunch at the open air Eclipse restaurant at Jaco hotel DoceLunas.

All prices include 13% tax and 10% tip by Costa Rican law.


Caesar Salad-$7.00
House Salad-$6.50
Soup of the Day(ask your server)-$6.50
Nachos Supreme-piled high with all the good stuff. A meal for one, plenty for two to share-$9.00
  Add Beef or Chicken-$2.50
Ceviche served with tortilla chips-$9.00
French Fries-$4.50
Costa Rican Favourites-
Arroz con Pollo-simple, chicken with rice-$11.00
Chifrijo-rice,beans,pico de gallo,tortilla chips, and chicarrones(fried pork) all in a bowl-$10.00
Casado-Costa Rica’s #1 dish. Your choice of beef, fish, or chicken-$12.50
Gallo Pinto-Costa Rican rice and beans-$7.50
American Favourites-
Tropical Wrap-this is everyone’s fav!!!
Choice of beef, chicken, or pork, with plantains,lettuce,onions,and our secret tropical sauce. Fresh and delicious-$10.00
Burgers- grass fed beef grilled with cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato,onions, and pickles. Served with fries or a small salad-$9.50
Big Chicken Burrito-grilled chicken breast, sauteed onions, rice, beans, and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla and covered with tomato sauce and mozzarella-$8.50
Fresh Fruit Lunch- plate of fresh tropical fruit and a fruit smoothie- Pura Vida- $8.00
Chicken or Fish Fingers-local chicken or freshly caught mahi, breaded and fried, served with fries-$9.00
NY Style thin crust Pizza-
Choice of:onions,peppers,mushrooms,capers,black olives,pineapple-$1.00 personal/$1.50 medium
Choice of:ham, pepperoni,anchovy,bacon_$1.50 personal/$2.00 medium
Desserts- we rotate our homemade desserts, ask your server about availability-
Brownie Cheesecake-$7.50
Docelunas Ice Cream-$5.00
Chocolate/Strawberry Mousse-$6.50
Guanabana Mousse-$8.00
Cheesecake with fruit topping-$6.50