Superfood Garden in Costa Rica

Costa Rica superfoods thrive in our tropical climate. Here at DoceLunas hotel in Jaco, we have an aquaponic garden system, a fruit orchard, and a no till garden where we grow all kinds of delicious healthy organic foods. We’ve even got some superfoods – special foods that have been known for their powerful health-enhancing properties for thousands of years.

We’ve had our noni fruit tree growing on the property for over a decade and she’s still going strong. We are producing gallons of potent noni fruit extract. Several guanaba trees have been thriving here and producing their delicious fruit since before we opened. Guanabana goes great in a smoothie. We’ve been growing galangal root on the property for six years. We add it to our thai food and we use the extract we produce in tea. More recently, we’ve added moringa trees that are already producing their powerful energizing leaves, which we drink as a tea or add to smoothies. Here you can learn more about moringa leaves.

We’ve also got a carbon neutral Costa Rica vacation program, so you can offset the carbon impact of your trip to Costa Rica by planting trees. Contact us today and we’ll help you create your own personal carbon neutral super-foods yoga adventure retreat.