close up of weird fish Scuba Diving Jaco Costa Rica with Herradura Divers

Scuba Dive Jaco Costa Rica

Jaco Scuba Dive showing tiny macro fish

Scuba Dive Jaco Costa Rica with Macro Life – C Karrer,  Herradura Divers

While there is not extensive live hard coral reef for scuba diving in Jaco Costa Rica, there are several great dive locations nearby in the rocky headlands of the Pacific Coast. These feature interesting soft coral formations, and the waters are rich in marine life. Pelagics come in from the deep water and there is amazing macro life too.

Our favorite local dive operator is located in nearby Herradura, a short fifteen minute drive from Jaco hotel DoceLunas. Beginners can choose between chaperoned “resort” dives for first timers or uncertified divers or full PADI certification classes lasting several day. Dive in with Herradura Divers and scuba dive Jaco Costa Rica!

close up of weird fish on Scuba Dive Jaco Costa Rica

Scuba Diving Jaco Costa Rica with Herradura Divers

The photos on this page are from the Herradura Divers Website.

Jaco Costa Rica Scuba Dive Resort

Ok.. DoceLunas is not really a dive resort. We are a hotel with a big property near a great diving company though. While you are between dives, may we suggest relaxing in the tranquil jungle gardens of DoceLunas? After you are done marveling at the biodiversity below the water, you can get an eyeful of amazing creatures above the water at our resort. We have maintained habitat throughout our property, so we have great birds and wildlife viewing opportunities.

We will be happy to make you a custom dive and stay package and throw an any adventures you want, all-inclusive meal plan or a la carte. Whatever you want.

Come stay with us in paradise while you Scuba Dive Jaco!