Surf Spots South of Jaco Hotels

There are over ten surf spots within a hour of the hotels in Jaco Costa Rica. Today, we will take a look at the surf spots to the south of Jaco.

But first…the closest surf is right here…one mile from hotel DoceLunas. On the south end you get smaller waves sheltered by the arms of Jaco bay and the best wind shelter. If you are looking for larger waves, the area in front of Century 21 real estate, about 3/4 of the way up the beach to the north, gets larger waves with pretty good shape.

Drive a quick 10 minutes to Hermosa for heavy, barrelling waves. You will find three miles of wide open beach with varying slope to catch all swells and magnify them into the ride of your life. The <2009 ISA World Games of Surf were held here, and with good reason. This beach is very consistent in delivering rideable waves for those with the waterman skills to survive.

Twenty minutes from the hotel – Oesterillos Oeste – big slow waves, good for longboards, inside and outside breaks

Thirty minutes from you will reach Jaco Oesterillos Centro and Este. These beaches are similar to Hermosa but not as heavy and very un-crowded.

Forty minutes from the hotel you arrive at Bejuco, which generally gets the biggest waves on a given swell. Go here when everything else is flat. This beach surfs on a low to mid tide. There is a major rip tide, a big paddle out, and a bigger paddle back in. Expert swimming skills are required.

So there are the 6 major breaks in the area to the south of Jaco. Enjoy!

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Map of surf breaks near Jaco hotels.