Aracari close up

Fiery Billed Aracari

The Fiery Billed Aracari is a spectacular relative of the toucan, found only in parts of Costa Rica and Panama. For us, it is a highlight of Costa Rica Bird Watching.

Aracari from the side

They are a rare bird, but a few Fiery Billed Aracaris live in the jungle on the mountain behind DoceLunas. Sometimes they visit the hotel itself.

Aracari in tree

Fiery Billed Aracaris do not usually hang around long; they move through the jungle quickly. We typically see them make a quick direct descending flight from the mountain into a tree near the yoga studio, high on the property.

Aracari in the shadow

What an amazing looking bird!

Then they will swoop to one of the manzana de agua trees 50 meters away in the center of the property. A brief stop to eat, and they swoop away to the southern property line another 50 meters away, traveling in small groups.

Aracari hidden in the jungle

Aracari hidden in the jungle

Their fruit raid done, a final swoop carries them back to the jungle to the south east. On rare occasions, they will find that manzan de agua so tempting they will hang out in there chomping away for half an hour or so.

Aricari in jungle

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