blue crowned mot mot head closeup

Blue Crowned Mot Mot

A Blue Crowned Mot Mot nests on or near Hotel DoceLunas’ property. Last year we would see it regularly around the restaurant and room 13 and 14. Now we see it more frequently at the back corner of the yoga center, where the hotel property borders the jungle. Notice the Mot Mot’s interrupted tail in the Blue Crowned Mot Mot photos below.

Mot mots are not on the endangered species list, but they are pretty rare.  The species ranges from Mexico to Panama. Habitat destruction is the main threat facing Mot Mots. The steep wooded slope at the back our property leading to the jungle is good Mot Mot habitat. There are some photos taken on our property below. You can read more about bird watching Costa Rica here.

Blue Crowned Mot Mot Burrows

These unusual birds like to make breeding nests in burrows, tunneling as far as 14 feet into a slope. The chamber at the end will be about 10 inches around. Males and females work together in the rainy season in August through October when the soil is soft. Rather amazingly, they will not use the burrow nest until March or April when the breeding season arrives. Then the female will lay four eggs and guard them for 20 days in the burrow. The rest of year, Mot Mots nest outside in trees.

Blue Crowned Mot Mot Tail

The Blue Crowned Mot Mot Bird of Costa Rica has a very distinctive tail. As you can see in the photos below, the plumage is interrupted near the end. The penultimate inch or so is bare, just a feather spine. At the end, the plumage resumes, giving the appearance of a pendulum. The mot mot will wag its tail if threatened. This allows predators to see the mot mot is aware and read to fly away. Saves everyone a lot of trouble, eh? Pura Vida!

Blue Crowned Mot Mot Diet

Motmots eat insects, small reptiles, and fruit. Costa Rican Blue Mot Mots have been seen eating poison dart frogs. We are not quite sure how that works!

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