Carbon Neutral Vacation in Costa Rica

Planting Trees for a Carbon Neutral Vacation

Planting Trees for a Carbon Neutral Vacation

Are you concerned with your “carbon footprint”? What is a Costa Rica eco-tourism vacation if it leaves the planet with more carbon in the atmosphere? Ever wanted to be able to go on an eco-tourism vacation and not have a negative impact on the planet? Now you can make your vacation carbon neutral!

Hotel Docelunas and local non-profit Costas Verdes teamed up to promote carbon offset vacations for people coming to Costa Rica. You can fully offset your carbon footprint, and provide a valuable service to Costa Rica’s rainforest by planting trees!

While Costa Rica has one of the best records of any country in the world for rainforest habitat protection, even here in paradise there are some deforested areas. Recently deforestation has been greatly reduced, but in Costa Rica’s early development a lot of coastal plains land was cleared for cattle grazing. Now, Costa Rica realized the economic value of habitat protection exceeds the value of grazing land. Where there is land naturally suitable for grazing, enterprising pioneer agronomists are planting Jatropa, a bio-fuel, and other crops for multi-use, ecologically sound grazing.

In the Jaco Hermosa area, a lot of land was cleared for pasture many decades ago. Costas Verdes – “Green Coasts” has planted thousands and thousands of trees along the deforested areas of Costa Rica’s Pacific and Atlantic Coasts, restoring habitat and sequestering atmospheric carbon, thus mitigating global climate change from human carbon emissions.

With rising sea levels, the coastal tree line is this region’s first line of defense to the ever encroaching ocean. Costas Verdes uses trees that are endemic to the Central pacific Coast, and maintains them year round. When you plant a tree with Costas Verdes (or have them do it for you) they will send you annual photo updates showing you your tree’s growth.

It is amazing how fast things grow down here! You can make a real difference that you can SEE and help the environment, and you can do it while you enjoy your stay at lovely Hotel Docelunas.

Make your stay carbon free, and leave a lasting memento of your family’s vacation in Costa Rica that your children and grandchildren can return to visit decades from now. Your “tree planting ceremony” could be the high point of your time spent here!

We use figures supplied by the Carbon which seems to be about average for all the different organizations promoting ways to be carbon free. Generally, you can plant enough trees to offset your carbon footprint for 5%(or less), of what you spent on your family’s trip.

Email for a quote and details on how you can come to Costa Rica and have a positive impact on the world that you live in! We think you will agree, 5% of your vacation cost is a small price to pay to ensure our planet’s well-being and create a lasting memory! Give the gift that keeps on giving to the planet and your heirs. Plant a tree with Costas Verdes.

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