Bird Watching in Jaco

The grounds of Hotel DoceLunas are a great place for bird watching in Jaco, Costa Rica. A couple staying at DoceLunas recently saw  the following fifty one species of birds at DoceLunas on the property in six days, twenty-five of them all in one day. They saw more birds at DoceLunas than in the famous Carara National Park!

Because we have maintained the canopy and the property is bordered by jungle that has a mix of dry and wet forest tropical species, we are host to a great variety of birds. Bring your binoculars and come take a look!

Brown Jay
Scarlett Macaw
Great kiskadee
Great-tailed Grackle
Black vulture
Cattle egret
Yellow-headed caracara
Dark peewee
Great-crested flycatcher
Summer tanager
Blue-gray tanager
Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Longed-billed hermit
Streaked flycatcher
Western kingbird
Yellow-throated vireo
Black throated trogon
Warbling vireo
Rufous-naped wren
Clay-colored robin
Tennessee warbler
White-throated tanager shrike
Dusky-capped flycatcher
Melodious blackbird
Boat-billed flycatcher
Short-billed pigeon
Red-crowned woodpecker
Mealy parrot
Inca dove
Black and white hawk-eagle
Chestnut-mandible toucan
Blue-crowned motmot
Magnificent frigate bird
Gray-headed dove
Tropical kingbird
Yellow warbler
Prothonotary warbler
Yellow-throated euphonia
Social flycatcher
King vulture
Streak-headed woodcreeper
Sulphur-bellied flycatcher
Barn swallow
Snowy egret
Cherrie’s tanager
Palm tanager
Black-headed Trogan
Purple Martin
Southern beardless-tyrannulet
Hoffmann’s woodpecker

Two of our guests recently saw as many as 20 species in one day at DoceLunas. Here is a

Over 400 species can be seen in the Central Pacific lowlands and additional species can be encountered in trips into the mountains, which rise 1,000 feet above sea level near the beach offering spectacular views.

Click this link for a list of the 400 Central Pacific Lowland species: Jaco Costa Rica bird list and here for more on birdwatching in Costa Rica.

Here are a few of the spectacular birds that you can see in or near
DoceLunas. The bird with the fish is an Anhinga. What a bird!
Can you identify the others?
Email to find out their names.

Photos in collage by Richard Garrigue.