Aquaponic Garden in Costa Rica

Basil flower in Costa Rica aquaponics garden

Basil Flower grown in our organic aquaponics system

We have an new organic aquaponic system in Costa Rica for healthy organic produce grown right on site!

Bell Pepper in our organic Costass Rica aquaponics system

Bell Pepper in our organic aquaponic system

What is aquaponics? Aquaponics is a system of growing fish and vegetables together and using the nutrients in the fish waste to grow crops. Water is circulated from the fish tank to the crops. The crops can be planted in media like gravel and irrigated with an ebb and flow system so the gravel is sometimes flooded but sometimes the roots get to dry out and get oxygen. The crops can also be planted on rafts with their roots hanging in deep water, or sit above shallow water.

test kit of costa rica aquaponics

Test Kit – very important!

Our aquaponics system will combine ebb and flow in gravel with floating rafts in deep water. Our aqaponic garden is finally under way and our first crops are rooted in the media bed.  We we keeping a close eye on the nitrate/nitrite concentrations to make sure our little fishies have a healthy environment.

Pretty soon we will have some delicious fresh vegetables. For now, we will enjoy cold water from our artesian well with fresh basil flowers and stevia leaf. Salud!