Carara National Park Tour

In contrast to Manuel Antonio, Carara is one of Costa Rica's less visited national parks, which is good because that means its just you, your guide, and the wildlife. With a knowledgeable private guide, you will hike through this gorgeous park and see an amazing array of bird and animal life. This 10,000 acre reserve has an incredible amount of bio-diversity due to its transitional position between the drier northern forests and the more humid southern rainforest. It is also home to an increasing population of scarlet macaws, the largest member of the parrot family.

This incredibly beautiful bird is endangered and was almost extinct in this area. Jaco Hotel DoceLunas funded the first nesting platforms in the conservation project. Since then, the macaws have made an impressive comeback and are easily spotted in the park and sometimes even on the hotel grounds.

Benefit from the wildlife spotting skills and knowledge of a trained local guide in this transitional tropical forest where species from the tropical rain forest meet species from the tropical dry forest.

Cara is only a twenty minute drive from our Jaco hotel, so you could make this a full day tour or a half day tour.

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