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Manuel Antonio National Park
3This wildlife area is located on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, in the province of Puntarenas. Its about one our drive from our hotel in Jaco Costa Rica. Located 157 km south of San José and 7 km south of Quepos City. The park was created by Law No. 5100 on November 15, 1972.The park is comprised of 682.7 hectares land and 55.000 hectares of coastal waters

Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological island. Manuel Antonio is one of the most beautiful national parks in all of C.R.. Another important attribute are the humid tropical forests, where flora and wildlife species, endanger of extinction, may be found. A geomorphic characteristic of the park is the Punta Cathedral. In the past this was an island. Because of sediment accumulation it has joined to the continental mass, forming a sandy band called Tombolo. The park is located in a region of great precipitation and high peaks. The annual precipitation averages 3.875 mm. Summer months are January, February and March; and the winter months are August, September and October.

Manuel Antonio National Park is located in the humid tropical forest zone. Protected areas include primary forest, secondary forest, beach vegetation and sea environments. Species of flora that are most commonly found in the primary forest are Guácimo Colorado, Pilón, Cedro María, Guapinol, Guapinol Negro, the endangered Arbol Maderable, Lechoso, Madrono, Cenizaro and Ceiba. In the secondary forest, you may find Balsa, Peine de Mico, Guarumo, Guácimo, Capulín Blanco and Garocho. Manglar covers approximate 18 hectares, is constituted by three species: mangle colorado, botoncillo and mariquita. Amongst the beach vegetation, you will notice the Manzanillo Tree, the milk and fruit of which is extremely poisonous. Other species of trees found along the beaches are the Almendro, the Roble Sabana and the Coco Tree. A plethora of wildlife may be found in the park. You can find 109 species of mammals and over 184 of birds here. Among the most import, are the Raccoon, Porcupine, Guatusa, 2-Finger Sloth, 3-Finger Sloth, Capuchin Monkey, Congo Monkey and the Squirrel Monkey, endanger of extinction from the destruction of their habitats and pet trade.
Manual Antonio Bird Guide
Here is a listing of the many varieties of birds that may be found in the park area.




  Great Tinamou Tinamu grande  
  Little Tinamou Tinamu chico Common
  Least Grebe Zambullidor enano Common
  Brown pelican Pelicano pardo Abundant
  Roseate Spoonbill   Rare
  Brown Booby Piquero moreno Abundant
  Neotropic cormorant Corvejon (Olivaceous cormorant)
  Woodstork Cigueñon Uncommon
  Franklin's Gull    
  Magnificent frigatebird Fregata Abundant
  Great egret Garceta grande  
  Snowy egret Garceta patiamarilla  
  Green heron Garcilla verde  
  Cattle egret Garcilla bueyera Abundant
  Yellow-crowned night heron Martinete coroninegro Common
  Bare-throated tiger heron Garza tigre cuellinuda  
  Boat-billed heron Pico cuchara o cucharon  
  Tricolor heron Garceta tricolor Uncommon
  White Ibis Ibis blanco  
  Masked duck Pato enmascarado  
  Black vulture Zopilote negro Abundant
  Turkey vulture Zopilote cabecirrojo  
  Gray hawk Gavilan gris  
  Broadwinged hawk   Common
  Roadside hawk   Common
  White hawk Gavilan blanco  
  Common black-hawk Gavilan cangrejero  
  Yellow-headed Caracara    
  Crested Caracara Caracara cargahuesos  
  Osprey Aguila pescadora  
  Laughing falcon Guaco  
  Collared forest-falcon Halcon  
  Barred forest-falcon Halcon  
  Great curassow Pavon grande  
  Gray-headed chachalaca Chachalaca cabecigris Common
  Marbled woodquail Codorniz cocorovado  
  Gray-necked woodrail Rascon cuelligris Common
  Northern jacana Jacana centroamericana Common
  American oystercatcher Ostrero americano  
  Black-bellied plover Chorlito gris Common
  Semipalmated plover Chorlitejo semipalmado Common
  Collared plover Chorlitejo colirejo  
  Thick-billed plover Chorlitejo piquigrueso  
  Solitary sandpiper Andarrios solitario  
  Spotted sandpiper Andarrios maculado Abundant
  Willet Piguilo o Playero Aliblanco Common
  Ruddy turnstone Vuelvapiedras rojizo  
  Least sandpiper Correlimos menudillo Common
  Pectoral sandpiper Correlomos pechirayado  
  Semipalmated sandpiper Correlimos semipalmado Common
  Western sandpiper Correlimos occidental Abundant
  Sanderling Playero arenero Common
  Whimbrel Zarapito trinador Common
  Long-billed dowitcher Agujeta silbona  
  Laughing gull Gaviota reidora Common
  Sandwitch tern   Common
  Royal tern   Common
  Mangrove cuckoo Cuclillo de anfifar  
  Squirrel cuckoo Cuco ardilla Common
  Groove-billed ani Garrapatero tijo Common
  Smooth-billed ani   Common
  Striped cuckoo Cuchillo listado Common
  Barn owl Luchuza ratonera Common
  Crested owl Buho penachudo  
  Spectacled owl Buho de anteojos  
  Pauraque Chotacabras campestre Common
  White collard swift Vencejon collarejo Common
  Chestnut collared swift Vencejo cuellicastaño  
  Chimney swift Vencejo de paso Spring and fall
  Vaux's swift   Common
  Black skimmer Rayador negro  
  Red-billed pidgeon Paloma piquirroja  
  Pale vented pigeon Paloma colorada Abundant
  Short-billed pigeon Paloma piquicorta  
  Inca dove Tortolita colilarga  
  Common ground-dove Tortolita comun  
  Ruddy ground-dove Tortolita rojiza Abundant
  Blue ground-dove Tortolita azulada Common
  White-tipped dove Paloma coliblanca Abundant
  Gray-chested dove Paloma pechigris Abundant
  Orange-fronted parakeet Perico frentirrojo  
  Orange-chinned parakeet Periquito barianaranjada Abundant
  White-crowned parrot Loro coroniblanco Common
  Rod-lored Amazon parrot Loro frentirrojo  
  Yellow-headed amazon parrot Loro nuquigualdo  
  Band-tailed barbthroat Eritano bronceado Common
  Little hermit Ermitano enano Common
  Longtailed hermit Ermitaño colilargo  
  Blue-throated goldentail Colibri colidorado Common
  Rufous-tailed hummingbird Colibri rabirruto Common
  Purple-crowned fairy Colibri airoso Common
  Crowned woodnymph Ninfa violeta y verde  
  Slaty-tailed trogon Trogon ojoblanco Common
  Belted kingfisher Martin pescador norteno Common
  Ringed kingfisher   Common
  Green kingfisher Martin pescador verde Common
  Pygmy kingfisher Martin pescador pigmeo  
  Blue-crowned motmot Momoto comun o de diadena azul Common
  White-whiskered puffbird Buco barbon  
  Fiery-billed aracari Tucancillo piquianaranjado Common
  Chestnut-mandibled toucan Tucan pico bicolor o Dios-te-de Common
  Olivaceous piculet Carpinterito olivaceo  
  Golden-naped woodpecker Carpintero nuguidorado Common
  Red-crowned woodpecker   Common
  Tawny-winged woodcreeper Trepador alirufo  
  Ruddy woodcreeper Trepador rojizo  
  Buff-throated woodcreeper Trepador cuellianteado Common
  Black-striped woodcreeper Trepador pinto  
  Streak-headed woodcreeper Trepador cabecirayado Common
  Slaty spinetail Arquitecto plomizo  
  Buff-throated foliage-gleaner Hojarrasquero cuellianteado  
  Streaked xenops Xenops rayado  
  Scaly-throated leaftosser Triajojas barbiescamado  
  Great antshrike Batara mayor  
  Barred antshrike Batara listado  
  Black-hooded antshrike Batara negruzco Abundant
  Russet antshrike Batara cafe  
  White-flanked antwren Hormiguerito flanquiblanco  
  Bare-crowned antbird Homiguero calvo  
  Chestnut-backed antbird Hormiguero dorsicastano Abundant
  Bicolored antbird Hormiguero bicolor  
  Blue-crowned manakin Saltarin coroniceleste  
  Red-capped manakin Saltarin cabecirrojo Common
  Orange-collared manakin Saltarin cuellinaranjado Common
  Torquoise cotinga Cotinga torquesa  
  Yellow-billed cotinga Cotinga piquiamarillo  
  Bright-rumped attila Atila polimorfa  
  Rufos hiha Pija rojiza  
  White-winged becard Cabezon aliblanco  
  Masked tityra Tityra cariroja Common
  Black-crowned tityra Tityra coroninegra  
  Scissor-tailed flycatcher Tirano-tijereta rosada  
  Tropical kingbird Tirano tropical Abundant
  Tropical pewee Pibi tropical  
  White-ringed flycatcher Mosquero cabecianillado  
  Social flycatcher Mosquero cejiblanco Common
  Gray-capped flycatcher Mosquero cabecigris Common
  Great kiskadee Bienteveo grande Common
  Great crested flycatcher   Common
  Boat-billed flycatcher Mosqueron picudo Common
  Ruddy-tailed flycatcher Mosquerito colirrufo  
  Black-tailed flycatcher Mosquerito colinegro  
  Northern royal-flycatcher Mosquero real norteno  
  Common tody-flycatcher Espatulilla comun Common
  Norther bentbill Piquitorcido norteno  
  Yellow tyrannulet Mosquerito amarillo  
  Yellow-bellied elaenia Elaenia vientriamarillo Common
  Southern beardless tyrannulet Mosquerito silbador  
  Yellow-bellied tyrannulet Mosquerito cejiblanco  
  Ochre-bellied flycatcher Mosquerito aceitunado Common
  Gray-breasted martin Martin pechigris Common
  Cliff swallow Golondrina risquera  
  Southern roughwing swallow Golondrina alirrasposa sureno Common
  Barn swallow Golondrina tijereta  
  Bank swallow Golondrina riberena Common
  Mangrove swallow Golondrina lomiblanca Common
  Plain wren Soterrey chinchirigui Common
  Riverside wren Soterrey pechiondeado Common
  Southern house-wren Soterrey cucarachero  
  White-breasted wood-wren Soterrey de selva pechiblanco  
  Veery Zorzal dorsirrojizo spring and fall (Rare)
  Brown jay Urraca parda  
  Clay-colored robin Mirlo pardo Common
  Pale-vented robin Mirlo culiblanco  
  Yellow throated vireo Vireo pechiamarillo  
  Tennessee warbler Reinita verdilla Common
  Yellow warbler Reinita amarilla Common fall to spring
  Chestnut-sided warbler Reinita de costilla castana Common fall to spring
  Worm eating warbler Reinita gusanera Fall to spring
  Oven bird Reinita hornera  
  Northern waterthrush Reinita acuatica norena Common fall to spring
  American redstart Candelita nortena  
  Buff-rumped warbler Reinita guariribera  
  Scarlet-rumped cacique Cacique limiescarlata Common
  Tropical gnatcatcher Pertila tropical  
  Long-billed gnat-wren Soterillo caricafe Common
  Lesser greenlet   Common
  Red-eyed vireo Vireo ojirojo Common
  Yellow-green vireo Vireo cabecigris Common
  Bananaquit Reinita mielera Common
  Kentucky warbler   Common
  Green honeycreeper Mielero verde  
  Red-legged honeycreeper Mielero patirrojo Common
  Shining honeycreeper Mielero luciente  
  Black-and-white warbler Reinita trepador  
  Prothonotary warbler Reinita cabecidorada  
  Nicaraguan grackle Clarinero nicaraguense  
  Great tailed gracke Clarinero  
  Northern oriole Bolsero veranero Common fall to spring
  Eastern meadowlark   Common
  Spot-crowned euphonia Eufonia vientrerrojiza  
  Thick billed euphonia Eufonia piquigruesa  
  Yellow-crowned euphonia   Common
  Blue Dachnis    
  Scarlet-thighed Dachnis    
  Golden-hooded tanager Tangara capuchidorada Common
  Bay-headed tanager Tangara azuleja  
  Blue-gray tanager Tangara azuleja Abundant
  Palm tanager Tangara palmera Abundant
  Scarlet-rumped tanager Tangara lomiescarlata Abundant
  Summer tanager Tangara veranera  
  White-winged tanager Tangara aliblanca  
  Red-crowned ant-tanager Tangara hormiguera coronirroja  
  Buff-throated Saltator   Common
  Rose-breasted grosbeak Piquigrueso pechirosado Common
  Blue-black grosbeak Piquigrueso negro azulado Common
  Yellow-faced grassquit Semillerito cariamarillo Common
  White-collared seedeater Espiguero collajero Abundant
  Variable seedeater Espiguero variable Abundant
  Blue-black grassquit Semillerito negro azulado Abundant
  Yellow-thighed finch Fringilo de muslos amarillos  
  Orange-billed sparrow Piquianaranjado Common
  Black-striped sparrow Pinzon cabecilistado Common

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